Good Neighbor Commitment

The State Farm Research and Development Center is just one of many ways we partner with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For more than 35 years, State Farm has invested dollars and resources in academic programming, student assistance, and cutting-edge research at the U of I.

Academic Program Support

Since 1980, State Farm and the State Farm Companies Foundation have provided nearly $2.1 million in program support. Funding spans many U of I colleges and institutes. The largest individual program currently supported is the Illinois New Teacher Collaborative within the College of Education.


Economic circumstances can threaten the affordability of higher education, especially for students from lower income levels. The Illinois Promise began in 2005 to ensure the affordability of higher education for these students. State Farm has committed $600,000 to The Illinois Promise.


Students will enjoy the latest technology when the State Farm classroom opens in the new College of Business Instructional Facility. Located on campus at 6th and Gregory, the classroom will be tiered for case-study style presentations and equipped with modern instructional technology.